Fourth of July Independence Games in Florence, SC

This past 4th of July weekend was a great weekend. Not only did my family get to enjoy my son’s first 4th of July (of course by getting into bed before it was dark! Ahhh the life of an 8 month old) 🙂 But we got to spend our friday and saturday in Florence, SC for the Independence Games hosted by Pee Dee CrossFit. It was a great competition with great athletes and great vendors. And the best part, a surprise proposal! All in All, a great weekend. Have a great week everyone!

10527581_499774446820680_4244711140737816455_n    1623373_499774200154038_6559323059291588802_n10420196_499774416820683_8038065283259446275_n10505384_499774356820689_5536128020784736888_n10456454_499774260154032_8275718080751982924_n10514476_499774276820697_9055219990445080432_n10350359_499774463487345_676240162321410673_n10417599_499774380154020_3814953333672822770_n10494740_499774253487366_5073274357394979526_n10491990_499774196820705_4172356644911738019_n10491113_499774360154022_4503833944665584982_n1924328_499774180154040_7754866484138218946_n10532369_499774263487365_7048007708565369444_n934751_499774393487352_3526319798290843596_n13880_499774400154018_2676088587130474_n10386243_499774186820706_3887929575206892973_n 10525645_499774190154039_1404120906069417749_n


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