Public Service Announcement

Nothing makes you more aware of the way others view you than running into someone who does nothing but put others down.  It truly makes you realize how bad you look when you bash others.  What a bad taste it puts in your mouth. Project good, spread good and good will come back to you.

Beware of those in the fitness, medical, physical therapy industry who are always putting other tactics/modalities, fields of study, ways of working down in favor of the way they do things or what he/she believes.
Rest on your own laurels, believe in what you do without having to trash others and support those who are doing things right!
If I were looking for a PT or Massage therapist I would be concerned with their insecurities and why they feel they need to constantly put others down.

Negativity breeds negativity.  Good breeds good.

End PSA 🙂


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