Improving foot and ankle mobility through nerve mobilisation

human movement systems

When looking at the foot and ankle, there are lots of complex joints that are all extremely important. The two main joints that receive a lot of attention are the talo-crural joint, which allows for dorsi & plantar flexion, and also the sub-talar joint which typically allows for inversion & eversion. Now there are always some variations in terms of tri-planar movement, but for the scope of this article we are going to focus on these two joints with regards to their primary movements.


Looking at factors such as arch height in the foot can tell us that there would be a great need for mobilising, strengthening, and/or stabilising work depending on what the client presents with. Generally therapists tend to mobilise a high arch (pes cavus), and help to build and strengthen a ‘dropped arch’ (pes planus).

When someone is locked up in the foot as a whole, they…

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