Do you have a goal or a dream?

Great motivating words.
Carolina CrossFit is testing this week to see where everyone is with their goals.



Make a plan

This is the single most important thing when tracking goals. The plan is your outline to success. Tweet it, facebook it, write down in a notebook, buy an app on your phone that allows you to track workouts….You have to have a plan.

The easiest way to quit is to give up because you’re not seeing the results you would like in your ideal timeline. Set a goal and hold yourself accountable…

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • When would you like to get there?
  • Are you being too realistic with your timeline?
  • Who is going to hold you accountable? (yourself, a coach, family/friends)
  • What is your plan to get there?

Recently, I have been working on some advanced olympic lifts and I have surprised myself with multiple personal bests and I am doing things I didn’t think were possible.  I love surprising myself with what I…

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