Why I haven’t taught you to kip

Interesting facts and information about Kipping for all you CrossFitters out there.
If you are having some problems, don’t just tough it out… get it checked out by a PT or Massage Therapist

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Here is a series of photos pulled from a supercool app called Essential Anatomy 2 (available in the App store of course, for about thirty dollars).

This first one here shows 3 of the 4 rotator cuff MUSCLES.  Top to bottom:  Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor.

Image 8-16-13 at 12.17 PM

The next picture shows the fourth rotator cuff muscle, the Subscapularis (note that it is on the anterior or front side of the scapula while the others are on the posterior).Image 8-16-13 at 12.18 PM

These next 3 series delve deeper into the shoulder joint, or glenohumeral joint.  The first has removed all of the muscles and just shows connective tissue, bursa, and ligaments.  Image 8-16-13 at 12.20 PM This next one has simply removed the numerous bursa.Image 8-16-13 at 12.22 PM

This has the articular capsule highlighted.  No it isn’t normally green.  This is a very loose “wrap” around the head of the humerus and the point of articulartion with the scapula (shoulder blade).  Image 8-16-13 at 12.23 PM


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